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Love Is All Around - contact us for link

// Mai Eve was launched in October of 2018 and consists of Izabella Clare vocalist and co song writer, and Rob Varley producer and co song writer. Our goal is to produce EDM with an element of rock and darker undertones. This is a new project for us, coming from a rock background with the band Eve Of Poison

// We have always done everything ourselves, from the music to videos, to artwork, to promotion. We sell our music and have successfully generated interest in what we do. We would like to sell a lot more music and take our act to a bigger audience. If you are a company and would like to get involved in what we do, or have something to offer, please contact us. We are very excited with this new endeavor - Mai Eve!

// Our new EP Silverscreen, features four new tracks produced by Andy Whitmore and recorded at Greystoke Studios London. This is not for release but for promotional purposes only. If you are in the industry and would like a LINK or even a copy of the CD, please contact us. The EP's four tracks are: 'When You Scream', 'Love Is All Around', 'I Will Love You', and 'Tell Me'. All songs written by Mai Eve, copyright 2019.

// Our debut single - 'When You Scream'

Contact us for link

// We are rehearsing our new live set and will be announcing gig dates shortly. We perform to backing tracks with Izi singing and me playing guitar. We are very excited by the sounds we can achieve and have an explosive live performance - high energy, powerful and great to dance to.


// We like our songs to be melodic, powerful, and to have some meaning. We are not trying to change the world, just entertain it with emotions and our way of story telling. If people like our songs that's great, and if they stir  emotions, that's even better.

// Latest Post

We had a studio session working with a great producer: Gregor McWilliams. We finished all the recording work for all three tracks and are now ready for the final process of mixing and mastering. Gregor was completely in tune with what we are trying to achieve - a vibe that encompasses dance with rock, and a sound that reaches back to the spirit of the 80's. Its such a pleasure to be able to work with a great producer and musician such as Gregor. Next stop, mixing with Andy Whitmore - can't wait.

// Previous Post

// On December 17th 1918 we headed back into Greystoke Studios to begin working with top producer Andy Whitmore on three new tracks: 'Tell Me', 'Love Is All Around' and 'I Will Love You'. Along with our previously recorded track: 'Feel', these will form our first EP entitled: 'Ruby Heart' which will be used mostly for promotional purposes during 1918. All tracks have the same EDM/Rock vibe, although the track 'I Will Love You' is a powerful ballad. We are now as of 8th January, mid way through recording and everything is going exceptionally well and we are exceeding our expectations. We are very excited. We have another session tomorrow where 

we should end up with all the recording completed and ready for mixing and mastering. The performance of Izabella was particularly exceptional. Only downside, we consumed far too much chocolate and crisps, which will yet need to be worked off! A bonus for me was a great smoking area where most of my ideas were formulated. We expect to finish by the end of January.

//Live Shows

// Following the addition of the new tracks to our live set, we are working on remixes for the live show. We have no dates at present, but will be announcing dates through out 2019. Our goal is to produce a high quality, powerful live sound with a non stop dance beat. Izabella loves signing live and delivering a high energy performance. I love to crank up the guitar, leaving no doubt about our origins in heavy rock - it makes for a unique live sound. We hope at some point to enhance the live show further with the addition of video footage. Come and see us, we would love to meet you. Keep dancing, keep rocking!!!


// Lyrics by Izabella Clare

"Stories of love, softly whisper to me. Petals fall from the blossom tree, naked you lie next to me"  -  I Will Love You

"Lips grow more to mine, like rose red wine. Blushing emotion,
lost in time. Body a spirit, my tears to thee. Love like a meadow,
my Ruby Heart".   -  Ruby Heart

"Stars shine, love falls like rain. Believe in dreams again. Forever, forever and a day.  Remember, remember me this way".                           - Love Is All Around

"Close to the edge like a suicidal woman, blood on my hands like a physical need. Into my head like a scream from a move, dying inside, no one will come".  -  Tell Me

// Note from Izabella...

I really believe this is the best music we have ever produced. I have always followed a simple rule, make music that I like and hope that others like it to. Mai Eve is where we are today, but if you are interested in how we got here, our musical journey, then check out our history page. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope our music brings you pleasure. If it does, then job done.  Luv Izabella.

// Credits

// Songs written by Rob Varley and Izabella Clare
// Recorded at Greystoke Studios, London
// Produced by Andy Whitmore
// Engineers: Gregor Mcwilliams, Ed Stokes and Joe Rodwell
// Video by Mai Eve

// Art and design by Mai Eve
// Website by Rob Varley

// Thank you for visiting our site. Keep an eye on us, we have some exciting stuff coming up in 2019.

// For our rock music project, please visit www.eveofpoison.co.uk